Time for the EDP to either change direction and leadership or fold.


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The Election has come and gone, and the political brain behind EDP elections, Steve Uncles has failed again in his approach.
Yet the membership and NC still follow his guidance blindly even after 10 years of failure.

They lost all deposits in the EU elections, and although they had a couple of good results where a strong opposition was not standing they failed in the Locals too.

The Polictical Election Broadcast they put out was amateurish and strange.  A load of blokes in a field on a loop message.

Time for the few members left and the last of the civic nationalists in the party to grow a backbone and rid themselves of the deadwood that has held them back once again.

They profess to be a growing party, but they stood fewer candidates in the local elections and loads of paper candidates in the European elections.

Here is a blog piece from a fellow English Nationalist, the blog is called England Watch.



The decline of the EDP in the European Elections 2014.

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The decline of the EDP in the European Elections 2014.
There has been a total collapse of the EDP vote across England in the 2014 European elections, not only is its percentage of the vote down in all regions compared to 2009 but it is even lower than the first time the party stood, ten years ago, in 2004.

In the EDPs former heartland of the South East it has slumped to 0.76%, this is the second lowest percentage ever recorded by the EDP, in any Region, in any European Election, beaten only by the EDP result today in the capital city!

It is possible that the Uncles effect is still being felt in and around the South East!

East Midlands
2004….No candidates.
2014….1.04%. down 1.28%.

East of England.
2014….1.05%. down 0.96%.

2014….0.46%….down 0.94%.

North East.
2004….No candidates.
2014….1.52%…. down 0.68%

North West.
2014….1.11%. down 1.31%.

South East.
2014….0.76%. down 1.49%

South West.
2004….No candidates.
2014….1.01%. down 0.63%.

West Midlands.
2004….No candidates.
2014….0.94%. down 1.35%.

Yorkshire and the Humber.
2014….1.02%. down 1.53%.

Total number of votes for the EDP over the past three elections;

2004….130,056 votes from 5 Regions. = 0.76%
2009….279,801 votes from 9 Regions. = 1.86%
2014….126,024 votes from 9 Regions. = 0.80%

The EDP gained more votes in 2004 standing in just 5 Regions than it has in 9 Regions in 2014!


So the time has come to either radically change things from within or fold the money pit of a party.

Happy New Year


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Uncles You’re Fired


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That should be what is said at the annual conference of the English Democrats on Saturday after the latest episode in the ED saga.

Been a bit of a Hokey Cokey day for the micro far right English democrats.

This morning a press release was sent out by Uncles and co heralding the arrival of there first MEP Mike Nattrass.

Yes the bloke that just left UKIP stating the MEP selection was biased even though the process was run by an external group.


Press Release

Press Releases

Thursday 19th September 2013 | 12:00

UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass defects to the English Democrats

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has announced that he wishes to join the English Democrats Party, the only party that wants England to be independent of the EU.

Mike Nattrass will be standing as the English Democrats’ Lead Candidate for the EU Parliament election on the 22nd May 2014, with supporting positions taken by Derek Hilling, Party Secretary and David Lane, West Midlands Chairman.

The English Democrats are delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the party and as our first English Democrats’ MEP.

Mike joined the English Democrats because no other party stands firm and believes in the protection of English interests.

Robin Tilbrook, the English Democrats Party Chairman, said:- “I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats and look forward to getting him re-elected again as an English Democrat MEP, on 22nd May 2014.

“Over the coming year Scottish Independence will be in focus as they face the Scottish Independence referendum. The English Democrats are England’s equivalent to that Party and our conference will debate further one of our key policy proposals, Independence for England.”

Robin continued:- “The EU Justice Commissioner has already confirmed that when England becomes independent it will not remain within the EU and would “have to re-join”!

As our policy is that “We will not wish to rejoin!” this will appeal to all those wishing to see England escape, out of the EU!”

Mike Nattrass MEP responded by saying “England is my home and The English Democrats are my Party. The policy of not applying to rejoin the EU is English music to my ears”

So that would make you think that Mike had jumped into the far right bosom of the EDP.

Then as the day went on. This was released on the Biased BBC news site.


Mike Nattrass
Mr Nattrass has represented the West Midlands in Europe since 2004
A former deputy leader of the UK Independence Party who quit the party last week has ruled out joining the English Democrats.

Mike Nattrass, a West Midlands MEP, confirmed he would speak at the party’s conference this weekend.

The English Democrats’ chairman, Robin Tilbrook, earlier claimed the ex-UKIP politician would join his party – becoming its first MEP.

Mr Nattrass left UKIP after 15 years in protest at Nigel Farage’s leadership.

He accused his former boss of running a “totalitarian regime” and excluding those who disagreed with him.

‘Delighted’A press release issued by the English Democrats earlier had suggested Mr Nattrass “wanted” to join the party and would be their lead candidate in the West Midlands in the 2014 Euro elections.

Chairman Mr Tilbrook was quoted saying: “I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats.”

But Mr Nattrass later wrote in an email: “I am not going to join the English Democrats… however I will be speaking at their conference in Leicester on Saturday, on the subject of HS2.”

Mr Tilbrook told the BBC there would still be a major announcement on Saturday, but that he was “not as clear” as he had been on what the announcement would be.

His party campaign for immediate withdrawal from the European Union and for the establishment of an English parliament.

Originally the English National Party when he founded it in 1998, it achieved its first major electoral success when its candidate won the Doncaster mayoral election in 2009.



Fellow MEP Nikki Sinclaire slams his decision to join “extremist” party.

Mike Nattrass will stand for the English Democrats at the next European elections
Mike Nattrass will stand for the English Democrats at the next European elections

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has announced that he intends to join the English Democrats Party following his resignation from the UK Independence Party .

Mr Nattrass will stand as the EDP’s West Midlands candidate in the European elections next May.

But fellow West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire, also a former UKIP member, slammed his decision to join an “extremist” party.

Robin Tilbrook, the EDP chairman, said: “I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats and look forward to getting him re-elected as an English Democrat MEP.

“Over the coming year Scottish Independence will be in focus as they face the Scottish Independence referendum.

“The English Democrats are England’s equivalent to that party and our conference will debate further one of our key policy proposals, independence for England.”

However, Ms Sinclaire said: “I am saddened to hear that Mike has today joined the English Democrats.

“Since 2010 the English Democrats, have been infiltrated by those deserting the infighting of the BNP, who have been in meltdown since the General Election and now contain and tolerate some of the most undesirable and disgusting people in our society.’’

‘’By joining them, Mike is damaging his legacy and reputation. All his good work will now be overlooked because of the company he has chosen to keep.’’

Mr Nattrass left UKIP last week after criticising the leadership of Nigel Farage .

The English Democrats launched in 2002 and campaigns for St George’s Day to be England’s national holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; for a Referendum to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England.

So the rumour had hit the Birmingham Mail.

But the best was yet to come.

From Twitter




Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 The the Birmingham mail followed up with this story after actually talking to Mike.


Mike Nattrass: I am NOT joining the English Democrats Party

West Midlands MEP slams right wing party after it claimed he was joining them from UKIP

Mike Nattrass
Mike Nattrass

Angry West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has pulled the plug on plans to speak at a right wing party conference at the weekend following claims he had joined the English Democrats Party.

Robin Tilbrook, leader of the English Democrats, issued a statement on Thursday claiming Mr Nattrass was joining the EDP following his resignation from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) last week.

The statement even quoted Mr Nattrass saying: “England is my home and the English Democrats are my party.”

Mr Tilbrook said: “I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats and look forward to getting him re-elected again as an English Democrat MEP, on 22nd May 2014.”

But Mr Nattrass has denied any plans to join the English Democrats saying he was lined up to speak at their party conference in Leicester on Saturday simply to talk about the controversial issue of the HS2 rail line.

He said: “I am not joining the English Democrats – this is simply not the case.

“I was due to speak at their party conference at the weekend but I was to talk about the HS2 debate – a topic which we both have in common. But I have decided not to go to the party conference after all because I am angry about the way this has been handled and misconstrued. 

“They have released this statement with comments I simply haven’t said and have implied that I will make an announcement on joining the English Democrats at the weekend. This is simply untrue.”

Mr Nattrass said he would continue serving as an Independent MP until the next election in May 2014 but would be considering setting up his own party.

He added: “I may set up my own party But I haven’t made a final decision yet. Until I do I will continue serving as an Independent MEP.”

Mr Nattrass quit UKIP last week in protest at Nigel Farage’s leadership. He accused his former boss of running a “totalitarian regime” and excluding those who disagreed with him.

Mr Tilbrook’s party campaign for immediate withdrawal from the European Union and for the establishment of an English parliament.


So there you go.

The English Democrats credibility shot to pieces again by an idiot who plays politics for monetary gain.


Come on English Democrats, this has gone on for far too long, the two at the top ruining your credibility at every turn.

Time to use your vote at conference and fire Uncles as far as you can away from the party and demote his facilitator Tilbrook.

IPPR: UKIP is the party of the English – Guest post by Stuart Parr from Bloggers4UKIP


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IPPR: UKIP is the party of the English

Left wing think tank, IPPR, has produced a follow-up to the one released in January 2012 which documented the rise in English identity and warned that ignoring the disadvantages that England faces as a result of asymmetric devolution would threaten the union.


This time, though, they have included questions on the EU and the correlation between euroscepticism and the English identity and made a surprising (for them) discovery: the party that most people believe will stand up for England’s interests is UKIP.



The latest report finds that the rise in English identity at the expense of British has held up against the onslaught of state-sponsored British nationalism during the Olympics and the royal wedding.  English remains the dominant national identity in England.

The correlation between euroscepticism and national identity is very interesting – over half of people who identify as English more than British are in favour of leaving the EU but only a third of those who identify as more British than English are similarly minded.

There is also a direct link between euroscepticism and dissatisfaction with England’s treatment in the British union post-devolution.  A massive 91% of people who think we should leave the EU think that MPs elected in Scotland shouldn’t be allowed to vote on English matters and 71% think that the British government can’t be trusted to look after England’s interests.  21% of English people think that UKIP is the party that can be most trusted to stand up for England’s interests – the first time none of the above hasn’t topped the poll.

Only 1 in 5 English people support the current form of government and 78% of English people (eurosceptic or not) think that Scotland should pay for services out of their own taxes.

More UKIP supporters identify themselves as English more than British than any other party – 55% of those polled.  They are also the most dissatisfied with the status quo with 49% supporting English independence.  Surprisingly, only 90% of UKIP supporters want to leave the EU.

Given the choice of local government, Westminster and the EU, 31% of English people think the EU has the most influence over the way England is run.  This is by far the highest percentage anywhere in the EU – Brittany, Upper Austria and Galicia are joint second with only 9%.  England , as opposed to the UK, is without doubt the most eurosceptic country in the EU.

It’s time for UKIP to accept that the majority – in fact, almost all – of the party’s support is in England.  Almost every elected representative the party has was elected in England.  The Scots aren’t eurosceptic -only a third of all Scots are in favour of leaving the EU and some of those are pro-independence so would never vote UKIP.  We are the party most trusted by the English to represent English interests.

You don’t have to be a genius to realise that UKIP’s future is in England and leading the call for fairness and equality for the English.  The first step should be to finally draw a line under the ridiculous anti-devolution policy that has been losing us votes for years and start promoting an English Parliament.

English patriotism is one of the overlooked reasons for UKIP’s rise – Spectator


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English patriotism is one of the overlooked reasons for UKIP’s rise

 3 May 2013 16:59

What can account for UKIP’s remarkable surge in support in these elections? The conventional wisdom is that UKIP is now the ‘go to’ party for protest voters. Angry over Europe and immigration? Vote UKIP. Fear for your job and the future of the economy? Vote UKIP. Feel the main parties are ‘all the same’, run by metropolitan elites who don’t know how ordinary people live? Vote UKIP.

There is doubtless something in all of the above, but there is perhaps another explanation – overlooked until now – for UKIP’s rise: the growing tide of English patriotism.

Earlier in the year, figures from the 2011 census showed there had been a dramatic strengthening of English national identity in the last decade.  Fully 70 per cent of the English population identified themselves as either solely English or English in combination with some other national identity.

Now new data from a survey conducted by IPPR with Cardiff and Edinburgh universities shows that English identity is not just getting stronger, it is becoming politicised.

And UKIP seems to be the main beneficiary of this important trend that is beginning to make its presence felt in English political life.

The reason is that it is exactly those voters who feel more strongly English who also believe that England is getting a raw deal from its membership of both the European Union and the current political settlement in the United Kingdom. Englishness is also more closely associated with concerns about immigration and globalisation. The inter-relation between these issues provides a significant opportunity for UKIP to further deepen its electoral appeal in England.

In the past UKIP has been reluctant to play the English card, for fear it might muddy their position on Europe and weaken the union. Yet their support is heavily concentrated in England, and it is England where anti-EU sentiment is strongest. And the widely held view that England has being neglected by an out of touch and remote political elite also works very effectively with their populist critique of mainstream politics.

All of this means that the Conservatives are being pushed off the ‘green and pleasant’ turf that they have always regarded as naturally theirs.

UKIP now tops the list of the parties that voters believe ‘best stands up for the interests of England’ with 21 per cent compared with Labour’s 19 per cent and the Conservatives 17 per cent. Moreover UKIP’s level of support on this question has more than doubled in just two years.

Even more strikingly, people who voted Conservative at 2010 general election  are almost evenly split on the party who they believe best stands up for England. 38 per cent say the Conservatives, 34 per cent say UKIP – and the number of Tories opting for UKIP has almost doubled from 18 per cent in 2011.

As they have on other issues, UKIP seems to be stealing a march on the Tories on increasingly fertile political territory. Tory high command will be worried enough about today’s result – but if UKIP was to more explicitly champion the cause of English nationalism it could, it seems, erode Conservative support still further.

Guy Lodge is Associate Director at IPPR. The findings from the Future of EnglandSurvey will be published in full by IPPR later this summer.

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UKIP is becoming the patriotic party of England – IPPR press release


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UKIP is becoming the patriotic party of England

devolution and localismUK politics

Published date:  03 May 2013

Rise of UKIP challenges all UK parties to take rising Englishness more seriously

Immediate release

Following UKIP’s surge in the local elections, new survey data indicates that one possible explanation of their success – until now largely overlooked – is their emergence as the party with the strongest appeal to English patriots.

The data, taken from the Future of England Survey (FoES) run by the think tank IPPR, Edinburgh University and Cardiff University, charts the strengthening of English identity, but also its politicisation.

The 2011 Census found that 70 per cent of the English population identified themselves as either solely English or English in combination with some other national identity. Just 29 per cent of respondents identified themselves as feeling any sense of British national identity.

Without explicitly promoting themselves as an English party, UKIP appears to have become the key political beneficiary of this trend because the more English someone feels, the more likely they are to believe that England is getting a bad deal from its membership of both the European Union and the United Kingdom.

UKIP’s supporters express the strongest sense of English identity (55 per cent describe themselves as either ‘English not British’ or ‘More English than British’). And UKIP supporters are the most dissatisfied with the constitutional status quo in the United Kingdom (49 per cent agree that England should become an independent country compared to 36 per cent of Tories, 35 per cent of Lib Dems and 29 per cent of Labour supporters) while over 90 per cent want to withdraw from the EU.

When people were asked: ‘which party best stands up for English interests’, UKIP tops the list.

  • UKIP – 21 per cent
  • Labour – 19 per cent
  • Conservative – 17 per cent
  • Liberal Democrats – 6 per cent
  • None of the parties stand up for England – 16 per cent

(Note – These responses are taken from a separate YouGov poll conducted 14-15 April 2013. Please refer to Table 1 in notes to editors for responses from November 2011, November 2012 and April 2013)

Even more striking is the fact that UKIP’s support as the party that best stands up for England has more than doubled since 2011 – up from 9 per cent, and overtaking Lab (21 per cent ) and Con (20 per cent ) and none of the parties (23 per cent).

UKIP’s rise in this context will be of particular concern to the Conservatives. Conservative voters at the last general election (2010) are split on the party who they believe best stands up for England. While 38 per cent say the Conservatives, almost as many (34 per cent) say UKIP – and this figure has almost doubled from 18 per cent in 2011, suggesting a potential for Conservative support to drift over to UKIP.

Nick Pearce, IPPR Director, said:

“There is an undercurrent of English national sentiment that has been growing in recent years and this appears to be propelling UKIP forward. Tories traditionally feel more confident that they are the patriotic party; but there are signs that complacency on their part is handing a gift to UKIP which is fast emerging – in the eyes of the English electorate – as the party which best stands up for English interests.

“If the Tories have been complacent about their natural position as England’s patriotic party, Labour has been consumed by fear. Fear that giving England more recognition in the union will inhibit its political interests by limiting the role of its Celtic fringe; fear that recognition of Englishness will simply lend credibility to the views of Little Englanders in respect of Europe and immigration. But fear breeds inertia, and inertia weakens Labour’s capacity to contest the politics of England.”

Richard Wyn-Jones, Professor of Politics at Cardiff University and co-author of the report said:

 “To understand the rise of UKIP as simply a manifestation of anti-European sentiment or even some kind of anti-political spasm is to the ignore the very significant, and much broader transformation in attitudes currently underway in England. It is a transformation that is bringing England and Englishness to the fore as a political community and political identity. It is a transformation that the current political class seem scarcely to have noticed let alone formed a coherent response too. UKIP is surfing a wave of existential angst about England’s place in world.”

Notes to Editors

1.The Future of England Survey (FoES) 2012 is a joint initiative between IPPR and the Wales Governance Centre (Cardiff University) and the Institute of Governance (Edinburgh University). The FoES is the most comprehensive examination of how public attitudes within England are changing in respect of issues around national identity, nationhood and governance. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGovTotal sample size was 3600 English adults/3401 White adults/651 BME adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 23rd – 28th November 2012. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all adults (aged 18+).

2.IPPR will publish a major report based on the full findings of FoES 2012 later this summer.

3.For more on IPPR’s project considering questions of Englishness, see: http://ippr.org/research-project/44/7115/english-questions

4.Selected tables below

Table 1: Standing up for England

Question :  “Which, if any, of the following parties do you think best stands up for the interests of England?”



June 2011


Nov 2012


April 2013






















No Party












English Democrats








Don’t know









 Table 2 Englishness and Britishness on the Moreno Scale

Question: “Which, if any, of the following best describes the way you think of yourself?”


  Con Lab LD UKIP Total
English not British






More English than British






Equally English and British






More British than English






British not English












Don’t know













NB – The ‘Moreno question’ is well suited to charting the strength of identity in the UK – a multinational state – where many people have overlapping, or nested, national identities. It asks respondents to locate themselves on a spectrum extending from an exclusively English to an exclusively British identity, with intervening levels of overlap


Tim Finch, 0207, 470 6110/ 07595 920899, t.finch@ippr.org

Plaid strengthens its call for English parliament after Welsh questions anger


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Plaid strengthens its call for English parliament after Welsh questions anger


Plaid Cymru believe English MPs are asking too many questions during Commons’ Welsh session, strengthening the case for a dedicated English parliament

Welsh Secretary David Jones
Welsh Secretary David Jones

Plaid Cymru says English MPs are asking too many questions during Commons’ Welsh session.

Just six of the 15 MPs who won a slot to ask the Welsh Secretary a question in the House of Commons represent a constituency in Wales, sparking concern from Plaid Cymru about a lack of effective scrutiny.

The session has now been cancelled because parliament has broken up ahead of the Queen’s Speech on May 8, but Plaid argues the present system of holding the Welsh Secretary to account is not fit for purpose.

Plaid’s Arfon MP Hywel Williams argues the case for the creation of a dedicated English Parliament is growing stronger.

If Welsh Questions had gone ahead, the first seven would have been asked by English MPs, with Harlow’s Robert Halfon kicking off with a query about what discussions Secretary of State for Wales David Jones has had with the Welsh Government about reducing the cost of living.

Mr Williams said that the current system was “constitutionally unsatisfactory” and called for the launch of an English Parliament with similar powers to the legislatures in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Arfon MP said this would allow English MPs to “debate their own problems without hampering the accountability of the ministers responsible for the other nations of the UK.”

He said: “This ballot draw for the next Welsh Questions is the latest in a string of events and reports highlighting the UK’s constitutional impasse. Plaid Cymru MPs do not vote on matters which pertain only to England.

“It is perfectly reasonable for members representing Welsh constituencies to question the eagerness of some English MPs to participate in debates on issues that don’t impact them. Plaid Cymru have long-called for an English Parliament as a simple solution to address the UK’s democratic deficit.

“This would tackle the problems stemming from the fact that the House of Commons is currently trying to do two jobs – being the English Parliament and the UK Parliament. This would not only answer the West Lothian Question over whether non-English MPs should vote on English-only matters and vice versa, but also remove any obstacles to the true accountability of ministers who are currently getting away with light scrutiny.

“With only 30 minutes per month granted to Welsh MPs to raise their concerns about Welsh matters, and these 30 minutes currently being dominated by MPs from English constituencies, the flaws in the current constitution of the UK could not be clearer.”

However, A UK Government spokesman defended the status quo, saying: “Plaid Cymru are a party of separatists and want to break up the country. This is the United Kingdom and we believe that all Members of Parliament should have an equal right to raise whatever issue they wish at whichever First Order Questions they choose.

“Plaid Cymru can continue in their separatist vein if they wish, but this Government believes we’re better together.”

Newport East Labour MP Jessica Morden also opposed changing the system, saying: “We’re a UK parliament. I don’t think the system should change and there’s a strength in having voices from across parliament.”

She said that MPs with seats near Wales had raised important issues, such as the safety of cockle-pickers.

“It’s up to MPs to use their own sense,” she said. “If they have a genuine interest in Welsh issues that’s good.”

However, she doubted the motivation of some MPs taking part, saying: “We welcome if people are genuine but sometimes you wonder if they are being asked to fill up the time.”

Plaid’s call for change comes in the same week that Ukip leader Nigel Farage said it was “completely unacceptable” for Welsh MPs to vote on issues such as education and fox-hunting in England.

Urging English voters to demand further devolution, Arfon’s Mr Williams said: “As Plaid Cymru ensures that Wales isn’t left behind in this debate, the people of England must also embrace their right to determine their future through an accountable institution of their own.”

The Diary Of A Madman From Dartford.


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The loon from Dartford is squirming like a worm on a hook over his latest stunt.

Here is a bit of background on the subject.



Probe launched by police into Kent County Council elections nomination papers

Comments  |

Medway council election

exclusive by Stuart Woledge


A police investigation is under way into an allegation of impropriety concerning next month’s Kent County Council elections.

Earlier today, a Kent Police spokeswoman said: “Kent Police is investigating after concerns were raised surrounding election nomination papers.”

The precise details of what the allegations are about have not been made public.

However, it’s understood one of the parties may have submitted nomination papers in the name of one or more candidates who do not exist.

KCC returning officer Geoff Wild said: “We are aware of the allegation, which is in the hands of the police.

“The council will not be making any further comment relating to any individual candidate while the investigation is under way.”

Mr Wild added: “When a returning officer receives a nomination form, they are legally required to consider those papers at face value.

“The returning officer is not permitted to investigate candidates or their particulars, other than to consider the papers submitted and ensure they are in order.

“Any candidate standing in a local government election is permitted to give a commonly used name.

“If they do, this name is used in place of their full name on official statements and ballot papers.

“Case law and guidance from the Electoral Commission requires that this name is considered only at face value.”

A fellow English Nationalist and Blogger, Wonkostane, was contacted by the Kent Online team.  Here is his post about the call:

I’ve had an interrogation from the Kent Messenger today.

Uncles has told them he’s been asked by Kent Police to provide a statement and that it’s all a conspiracy by UKIP.

He says that UKIP have posted him fake nominations which he’s taken in good faith.

He mentioned Black Ops of course. I explained that Black Ops is a piss-take and Uncles made it up. I asked why a party like UKIP would waste time and effort on a party that wasn’t even a threat to the Monster Raving Loony Party.

I said I couldn’t imagine why someone from UKIP would do it and pointed out that if these names are on the electoral register then this has been well thought out and someone has gone to a lot of effort.

I pointed out that the EDP are the only people who have anything to gain from this fraud in the media publicity from the BBC.

Interestingly, Uncles has told the reporter that Elm Cottage was the house that was demolished to build his own house – it took a couple of times of telling for it to sink in with the reporter that Uncles knows the house doesn’t exist any more so it’s fraudulent.

He asked if I was responsible and I told him I wouldn’t be so bloody stupid to risk 6 months in prison for something like that.

He asked about being sued by Tilbrook so I explained that.

UKIP Press Office have had them on the phone as well and they said “we have 1700 candidates and 9 staff, do you really think we’ve got time to waste on a black ops campaign against someone like that.

Three sentient points:

1.  Wonko was sued by the UKIP hating Tilbrook, Tilbrook lost. The hatred also stems from the rumour (Based on a meeting held under Chatham House Rules between UKIP,  Uncles and Still broke).

They are upset for being blackballed by UKIP when they begged to join and fold EDP for safe MEP spots.

2. UKIP black ops stems from the fevered imaginings of a raving lunatic and those that are crazy enough to believe his bollocks.

3. The address does not exist, Uncles witnessed the signature on the consent form.



Now Uncles is trying to claim it was an April fools joke on his pisspot blog


Where the bloated moron states:

UKIP Confirm that “UKIP Black Ops” played April Fools “Joke” on English Democrats with Anna Cleves in Kent

Steve Uncles - English Democrats  Steve Uncles says   “Following confirmation on Facebook by UKIP’s Simon Preston that “UKIP Black Ops” have played an April Fools Joke on the English Democrats with the Candidate “Anna Cleves” standing in Tonbridge & Malling, I can confirm that we will be requesting Kent Police to check the Nomination Papers in fine detail of ALL 73 UKIP Candidates standing in Kent.

If UKIP think that the Election process is “A Joke”, then it will be no suprise to find that they have made short cuts and omissions from their own Nomination Papers in the Kent County Council Elections.

edp uncles lieukip-confirmaition-of-anna-cleves-joke-on-english-democrats


He circled a piece of the FB conversation and is now claiming this to be an admission.

Where was there an admittance of anything? Nowhere in the whole conversation, Uncles is clutching at straws.  Again.

He needs to get a grip on reality instead of himself on a night while he types bollocks on his blog about UKIP.

Lib/Lab/Con are the enemy of England.

Uncles needs to stop lying and the fools that follow him and believe any utterance need to research the idiot thoroughly before leaping to this intellectual pygmy’s defence.

Here is the political brain on twatter:

edp uncles claiming you can stand under any name

Here are the exact rules:

1.65 It is an offence to give a false statement on your
nomination paper. Therefore if you choose to provide a
commonly used name you must ensure that it is a forename or
surname which you commonly use.



Here is a song for bright spark from Dartford.


Screaming at the window
Watch me die another day
Hopeless situation endless price I have to paySanity now it’s beyond me there’s no choice

Diary of a madman
Walk the line again today
Entries of confusion
Dear diary I’m here to stay

Manic depression befriends me
Hear his voice
Sanity now it’s beyond me
There’s no choice

A sickened mind and spirit
The mirror tells me lies
Could I mistake myself for someone
Who lives behind my eyes
Will he escape my soul
Or will he live in me
Is he tryin’ to get out or tryin’ to enter me

Voices in the darkness
Scream away my mental health
Can I ask a question
To help me save me from myself

Enemies fill up the pages
Are they me
Monday till Sunday in stages
Set me free

An enlightening analysis of the candidates standing for the EDP – By Jonathan Snelling


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An enlightening analysis of the candidates standing for  the EDP.
By Jonathan Snelling



I promised the EDP election analysis would appear so I will make a start. There are reasons for being late – not just that I’ve been very busy, but also their status is “complicated”.

Headline news is how few candidates the English Democrats are standing. From 76 in the last County elections they have exactly halved to 38. They have stood around 100 candidates in other annual elections over the last 3 years. It’s a pretty spectacular collapse after their continuing claims that they are still growing.

The other interesting news is the mysterious disappearance of all those former BNP activists. Will add details below – please chip in with any observations, additional info, corrections etc.


It was here that we first calculated that figure last year that 43% of their candidates were ex BNP or similar (I think there were about 4 that were not BNP but something equivalent or worse such as NF). There are a few here that I do not know for sure, but it seems that with just 38 standing (+ 1 Mayor and 3 of the same people standing in by-elections for lesser councils) the figure will fall to less than 10% by the same criteria. I believe there are 3 main factors:

1 Some of their new far right brethren have already gone. They have been shedding members from both ends – older members going because of BNP/EDL links etc and new ones going because it’s not as racist as they hoped, or they don’t like the English independence strain in the party – or more often because they were lied to. Some of them were told the party was much bigger, better organised and had some money. One or two were dismayed to find candidates are expected to fund their own campaigns. Some fascists have left in London, Essex and N Yorks – some of them straight back to BNP or NF (so they were well vetted!)

2 Simply a lot of the new far right members live in areas without elections this year – Barnsley, Leeds, Southend, Liverpool, Solihull etc

3 The above does not cover it. There has clearly been a decision to withdraw them. Some were even mentioned as candidates in earlier postings. Most of them are still there, but the failure to defend their only County Council seat in Three Rivers, Herts (BNP defector) or stand anyone in Boston, Lincs where EDP have their only 2 district/borough cllrs were bizarre choices. Both local parties are thoroughly BNP infested. Also Chris Beverley has been promising a strong campaign in N Yorks for at least a year, but not a single candidate – could have always been a bluff, but for what purpose?

To start with the absences, the pathetic 38 County candidates are contesting just 8 different Counties – at least 1 less than the Official Monster Raving Loonies!. This is down from 16 counties 4 years ago. They are not contesting anything in the 8 unitary authorities up for election, nor the Tyneside Mayoral or, as of now, the South Shields by-election where nominations close on Friday. 23 are standing in Kent. Only 2 other counties are fielding more than 2. Among the places where the Eng Dems have previously been active for years that have no candidates – Bristol, Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and Hampshire (where the party was closed down after the Eastleigh by-election).

Only a few weeks ago, Tilbrook was calling for 394 candidates to qualify for an Election Broadcast. It is unclear whether they have that many members left – certainly nothing like that many activists.

The EDP was clearly the 2nd biggest party in Doncaster by number of activists 3 years ago. Now they have a handful of members left. Most of the best activists had gone long before Peter Davies resigned, but their only parish cllr Mick Glynn was among those to leave with him as well as the leading figure of the local party (sometimes praised in Tilbrook speeches) Roy Penketh – who is Davies’ agent. David Allen joined 3 years ago and is a recent activist as is his agent John Brennan. It’s only a handful of these relative newcomers and some of the older knuckledraggers left now. Mayoral elections are notoriously unpredictable like Police ones (that’s why EDP love them both), and I would find it hard to predict what % they will get or where they will finish – could be anywhere from 3rd to 10th, but it will be miles behind Davies and the Labour candidate Ros Jones.

I will quickly tidy up the 6 counties with a very limited Eng Dem presence. Firstly the biggest collapse outside those places that have disappeared completely is in Essex. They have fallen from 10 candidates to just 4. Of these, 3 are members of the Tilbrook family – and the only other one is veteran campaigner John Hayter in Rayleigh North. None of these have known far right connections apart from Robin Tilbrook himself who has chosen to lead his party into alliances with every bunch of half a dozen thugs and nutters Steve Uncles can make contact with. Hayter was once part of a strong group in Rochford & Rayleigh, but he is the only one standing now.

A couple of lone party members who have been around for a while have popped up as sole candidates in Somerset and Surrey – Stephen Wright in Ilminster and Daniel Beddoes in Godstone. I have no interesting information on either. The pointless David Ford Lane has led his West Midlands area to the stage where he is now the only candidate – standing in Bede in Warwickshire. Similarly Charles Vickers has seen the existing Hertfordshire party collapse. He is now the only candidate in Letchworth NW. None of the new BNP contingent are standing in St Albans or Three Rivers. Lastly, former Tory councillor in Peterborough, Stephen Goldspink, has moved to the Fens and he and his wife Maria are standing for Whittlesey North & South between them.

That just leaves the interesting case of Northamptonshire – and the VERY interesting case of Kent……

So to Northamptonshire. This is the 2nd biggest field for the Eng Dems with 5 candidates and throws up some interesting points. Firstly there are the no-shows which include Alan Bennett-Spencer (funny how people vanish very quickly once they have taken over as party treasurer) and David Wickham – their mad-keen new activist who stood in the Corby by-election.

Area organiser Derek Hilling stands in Windmill ward and Victoria Hilling keeps up the party’s family theme in Clover Hill while former parliamentary candidate Terry Spencer stands in Croyland & Swanspool. The interesting part is the other two.

As discussed earlier in this thread, it is clear that a decision was taken to hide their far right members this year. Perhaps it was a ruse to make Peter Davies’ resignation look silly and allow them to score points off Labour and UKIP in particular for running former far right candidates. However, everyone knows they are still there and all they have done is admit they are an embarrassment – as well as meaning they will not contest most of their best prospects.

The thing is that Northants either never got the message or chose to defy it as former NF activist Kevin Sills stands in Desborough and former BNP organiser and parliamentary candidate Rob Walker stands in Hatton Park. So there are at least 2 far-right candidates running.

Also Northants are contesting 3 borough council by-elections as D Hilling, Sills & Walker all double-up. Sills is even contesting a 3rd one in a town council by-election.

There are lots of council by-elections getting tidied up on May 2 but I have not come across any more where EDP are standing. The party has not published a list of candidates (wouldn’t take long really) and have only promoted the Donny Mayor and a few Kent campaigns by name.

So with 38 County, 1 Mayor and 3 borough candidates (always exclude parish/town from such analysis) that is 42 candidates and 9.5% ex far right this time thanks to Northants

OK then lets tidy up Kent. Four years ago they got their best results here including 6 2nd places and some good shares of the vote well above 20%. In many ways this was better than their Doncaster result, which was frankly a bit of a freak. Since then, dozens of their best activists have left and they made no progress at all at the General Election or other elections.

However, 23 of their 38 national candidates are standing here – so we can say that it is their only substantial slate of candidates and Uncles will use it to show he has worked hard where every other regional organiser has gone to sleep – and he will have a point!

He claims there are 25 candidates. This is because 2 of the leading Kent members will be contesting the 2 seats in HerneBay as New England. It was one of the parties that merged to form the EDP and they retain the name along with a few others. Seems they are experimenting with brand names after turning the current one toxic. Veteran Mike “The Tibster” Tibby who has moved to Herne Bay and Hitler enthusiast and Death Wish fanatic Nathan King, who is still in Dartford, are still very much EDP members but are not part of their party list.
Of the 23 that are standing, there are no figures with known far right history. The notorious trio of Eddy Butler, Claudia Dalgleish/Bryan and Paul Golding were all slated as possible candidates on an earlier Uncles list – may have always been a bluff. There is also no appearance of the promised Citizen Steve, the god-awful nationalist singer songwriter known from several nationalist rallies and events. Even under any assumed name, none of the candidates’ pen pictures mention their musical career.

Here are the statements from them all. Or at least the clumsy, copy and pasting, barely literate attempts from Steve Uncles:-


I won’t bore you with all the others. There are a few EDP regulars, most of the Uncles family and most of “Sir Michael Walters of Eastligh”’s work colleagues plus a few new names. Tellingly, apart from Uncles and his missus, just 3 return from the 24 candidates 4 years ago. Among those missing – the parliamentary candidate in their main target of Dartford, Gary Rogers.

However, the real interest lies in the 5 candidates listed for the Tonbridge & Malling district….

Firstly they stand their teenage candidate in Malling North. Standing as Lee Jon, he is not using his real name. Least of the issues!

In Malling Rural East, Liz Uncles is standing. Not knowing the Uncles family I cannot claim he does not have a relation called Liz. However, I do not believe it likely that she is living with Mike Walters in Rochester as shown on her nomination paper. Why put a fake address unless she does not live in Kent at all?

In Malling West we have Helen Stevens (a new name with no EDP history). However both names have appeared in previous Uncles online fantasies and her home address shows she lives in Dartford with Nathan King. Not to be so mean as to wonder whether anyone would live with Nathan, I would add his FB status is still single.

In Malling Rural NE we have someone called “Steves Uncle”. Could be a typo. The real Steve Uncles is standing in Swanley, but there is nothing to stop him from standing in every ward in Kent if he can get himself nominated. However Steves Uncle lives at the same address as Michael Walters and Liz Uncles in the sitcom from hell.

Lastly in Malling Central we have Anna Cleves. The entries on Uncles’ blog have changed the spelling of her surname several times, changed her first name to Teresa and changed her sex to male! Her address has been checked by several people now and does not seem to exist. Of course, the most puzzling thing is why the former wife of Henry VIII is standing at all after nearly 500 years. She wasn’t even English!

Illegally entering fake people on the electoral register, producing forged signatures on an electoral nomination and deception over addresses used on an electoral nomination all carry prison sentences. This is all now under investigation.


Is Steve Uncles a secret lemonade drinker?


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(Or does he drink the ethanol straight?)

A couple of years back it was alleged by a member of the English democrats that Uncles had a few addiction problems.

It is well known when Uncles is at an EDP event he likes to try and drink the other 30 people there under the table.
Also he likes pies/greggs, lying, story telling and pissing off his wife.

edp Uncles


In the wee hours he bashes his…………………… then types out libel and lies, latest one to include myself is saying that I am a simpleton and campaigning for labour.
Really? Really? Is that the best the idiot can do, make things up.

I prefer to allude to things that he has actually done like this:

edp Uncles lying on his blog


Poor old Steve is so deluded at times due to his political bible, “The Political Brain” by Drew Weston. Yes its an American writer on American politics.


He seems to have got 23 candidates for the Kent County Council elections due on May the 2nd, but something is afoot in this story.
3 Candidates live at Walters address. Walters, Steves Uncle and Liz Uncle.
3 In Uncles House. Fat Idiot, Lousie and Milly.
2 In Nathan “i’m perpetually single, likes Hitler and Death wish Films” Kings house.
Among the others we have ANNA Cleve(s), the muppet has used 2 different spellings and sexes.

edp uncles blog anna cleaves


edp uncles anne cleves is real


Annas address does not show up on google earth nor the Royal Mail address finder.
Jury is out on if this candidate is real.

The trouble is, on the face of it, the party does come across as sincere and moderate. It is only after some research that you find out links with BNP via ex members, who most have left since the PPC debacle.
The EFP, Uncles joined forces with them in the 2009 Euro elections. Did not run it by the membership.
Tillbrook and the ENA, Russky Orbaz, National Cultralists with Mr Buckby:

edp buxby national cultrists rts new mate


He has some nice friends eh.

So please look into the EDP and especially Uncles and Stillbroke.
Batman has some more advice for you:

edp batman 3




Edp Batman

Please research them first.

Do not believe everything that comes from the Dartford Bunker.
edp dartford bunker